LITTLEBIGSOUND is a fresh and exciting brand of audio devices that takes your enjoyment of music to a new level of acoustic quality, style and comfort. Inspired by the positive influence music can have on the mind, body and soul, LITTLEBIGSOUND is established with a simple vision; a world where everyone is soulfully in harmony with the nourishing energy of music and being inspired by its magnificence, to live their best life. LITTLEBIGSOUND represents the harmonious spirit of music and the potential for each unique individual to make a positive difference in this world.

Everything just resonates at that moment when our mind, body and soul are being drawn into alignment with a state of wellness and clarity. A moment where the concept of time and expectations from ourselves and the world disappear. The energy of music harmonizes with our life force, awakening the rhythm of joy and unleashing the world within us.

Residing within each person is a world of potential that when brought into harmony with the field of possibility, anything is possible. Life is a continuous flow of energy, sometimes visible, sometimes invisible, sometime audible, sometimes tangible, sometimes felt as temperature, sometimes experienced as smell and sometimes even taste. At its most fundamental level, this energy can be felt as vibrations. Light, sound and even matter and emotions are all waves of vibrations.

We are a small team of passionate life's enthusiasts with a big dream. Synthesizing class-leading technology with the profound art of living, we build high quality audio devices that understand both the science of sound and art of human experience. LITTLEBIGSOUND's audio devices are immaculately designed and tuned by professional audio engineers; delivering high resolution sound quality and realistic sound stage that immerse you in remarkable music experiences that are breathtakingly real, vivid and intense. Be touched by the wondrous energy of music and allow it to unleash your world within.