Wooden Chamber for High Acoustic Performance
Wooden Chamber for
High Acoustic PerformanceWarm resonance for your music
Hybrid Audio Cable
Hybrid Audio Cable
With Y-shaped sleeveEngineered for high performance and durability
Smart In-Line Remote Control
Smart In-Line Remote Control
with Integrated MicrophoneEngineered to work with iOS and Android devices

Effortless Listening Pleasure. Artfully unifying solid aluminium with beautiful hardwood, NatureTones Spore's cutting edge design is made possible by 5-axis high speed precision machining. Polished to a smooth, satin finish, the wood ages beautifully with use and exudes an air of authentic, unpretentious elegance. Each NatureTones headphone is a wood crafted masterpiece with stunning grains and natural colours that are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Musicians are born with music in them and they often feel a craving stirring inside, an insuppressible burning desire to sing or make music. There comes a moment, an explosion of passion that carries the spores of music through the ether, dazzling everyone around them.

Roused by the musician's desires to create beautiful music and share it with the world, NatureTones Spore is exquisitely crafted for your effortless listening pleasure. Mycologists estimate that during its lifetime, a single mushroom will drop as many as 16 billion of its seed-like spores, effortlessly carried far and wide by the slightest breeze. Sit back, relax and let your imagination drift along with your favourite music flowing from NatureTones Spore. The possibilities are endless.

Listen. Wood simply sounds better.


Speaker Size: 8mm
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Impendance: 16 Ohm
Sensitivity: 103 +/-3dB
Rated Input Power: 20mW
Max Input Power: 30mW
R&L Balance: ≤3dB
Cable Length: 1.2m +/-0.05m
Audio Plug: 3.5mm Gold Plated


Compatible with iPhone®, iPod® and Android® devices

Package Contains

Spore In-Ear Headphone
3.5mm Jack and Cable
User Manual

NatureTones Spore